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Learning support

Learning support is for students who need additional help with their course of study.  Whether it’s a learning disability or a disability, Simms Counselling & Training aim to give you the best support that meets your individual reqirement.

Learning needs include those with learning difficulties, mental health, sensory impairment or physical disability.

Should I disclose my disability?

There is no obligation to disclose any of the above, however Simms Counselling & Training encourage you to discuss issues with us, pertaining to your learning so that we can best help you through your study.

How & who do I discuss the matter with?

In the application and assessment stage you will be able to state your learning needs.  If for whatever reason you have not disclosed your learning requirements at this stage, you will need to discuss this with your course tutor.  He/she will refer you to the Learning Support facilitator.  All information is treated confidentially and sensitively.

ifnyou wish to discuss your learning needs prior to the application stage, please use our contact page.

What level of support will I receive?

the level of support you will receive depends on your individual requirements.

Is there any support for exams or assessments?

Yes, again this is assessed on an individual basis.