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Suicide is the primary cause 0f death in men under 50, according to the Office of National Studies.  In 1981 the suicide rate for men was 63 % , today that figures stands at 78 %, so why the increase?

The increase suggests that men are not receiving the help they need, in addition men tend to find it difficult to speak about depression which is usually a underlying reason for suicide.

Men, perhaps have not been encouraged by society to speak about Mental Heath as there is an internalised belief that men should be strong.  This makes it difficult for people to ask for help.

The recent death the Actor Robin Williams made people sit up and recognise the seriousness of depression and how it effects an individual’s life.  However, it should’to have to get to tragic measures before we take notice.

We need to change our views around Mental Health and lose the stigma around it, depression is not a sign of weakness. Let’s encourage men to speak out and seek help.

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